The Engineering Division provides plan review for City Residential and Commercial Projects in order to ensure conformance with City Design Standards and Specifications. Some tasks include:

  • Program and Manage City funded Capital Improvement Projects
    • Water Treatment/Distribution
    • Storm Drains
    • Wastewater
    • Parks
  • Engineering Development Review, including private development projects involving public improvements
    • The engineering department in conjunction with the planning department and building department reviews development projects to ensure they are built per federal, state and local regulations.
    • The City Engineer will review and provide comments, conditions and direction on tentative maps, final maps, tenant improvements, permit submittals, grading permits, encroachment permits, and any other type of development submittal.
    • The City Engineer and Water Rights Manager work with the developer to ensure that adequate water rights are dedicated for the project and the appropriate connection fees are applied to the project.  This results in a “will serve” for the project which is then approved by City Council.
    • The City Engineer currently provides inspections for any portion of a project that affects City infrastructure or will be dedicated to the City at the end of the project.
  • Civil, Encroachment, and Grading permits
  • Pavement Management
  • GIS System Management
  • ERC (Equivalent Residential Connection) Calculation Review
  • Water Rights Management

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