Sewer Services


The City of Fernley Water and Sewer Billing Division is mainly responsible for:

  • Addressing customer questions and complaints regarding water/sewer bills and services
  • Billing and collection of fees
  • Collecting deposits
  • Initiating Service Orders
  • Processing requests for connections, disconnections, and transfers of service

Delinquent accounts procedures for both active and inactive accounts are initiated by this office as well as bankruptcy claims.

Deposit Information

Deposits for renters are required before service will be rendered and are not refundable until termination of service. At termination, deposits will first be applied to outstanding account balances with any remaining amount refunded. Service fees are not refundable.

Deposits for owners are required before service will be rendered. Deposits will be applied to the account after one year if all payments are made by the due date with good funds. Deposits are refundable at termination of service after application of deposit to any outstanding balance. Service charges are not refundable.