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How Your Local Government Works
The first City Council established a council / manager form of government. This system of operations was chosen by the Council to protect the current and future residents of Fernley, and is "designed to combat corruption and unethical activity in local government by promoting effective management within a transparent, responsive, and accountable structure," according to the International City / County Management Association.

This form of government allows City residents, through the City Council, to control the direction of City government, while ensuring professional administration of City functions. This hierarchy is illustrated by the organization chart for City government. At the top are the citizens of Fernley who elect the mayor and the City Council. The City Council hires the City manager and the City attorney. All other City employees are hired by the City manager.

Government History

The Nevada Commission on Ethics is a legislative-executive commission responsible for administering and enforcing Nevada's Ethics in Government Law. By the authority granted it under Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 281A, the Commission strives to enhance the public’s faith and confidence in government by ensuring that public officers and public employees uphold the public trust by committing themselves to avoid conflicts between their private interests and their public duties. If you suspect an ethics violation by a public employee or public official you may report it here.