The primary purpose of address standards is to provide a logical and consistent address system that is easily recognizable by emergency response personnel and others when trying to locate an address.  This would be accomplished with address standards applied to new development and readdressing when it is requested by the parcel owner or deemed necessary for the public interest.  Readdressing is generally done to improve emergency response in areas that have duplicate, out of sequence, or hard-to-find addresses.  

Addressing Form

Request for Address/Address Change Form (PDF)

If it is determined that an address change is warranted, a Notification of Address Memorandum is delivered to the owner and recipients listed below.  A change may take several weeks or more for external customers to fully adopt.  Not every request is granted, as the primary function of proper addressing is to aid emergency services.  If it is determined that an address change is not warranted, a letter of explanation is sent to the owner.

 Recipients of Address Changes

  • City of Fernley Departments: Building, Engineering, Public Works, and Utilities
  • Lyon County Assessor's Office
  • Lyon County Sheriff's Department
  • NV Energy
  • Southwest Gas
  • U.S. Post Office
  • Waste Management

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