North Area Plan

The City’s Comprehensive Master Plan identifies three Future Development Areas and limits the development of these areas until after an Area Plan is adopted for each. The North Fernley Area Plan would cover the area generally located north and west of Interstate 80.

The City is currently experiencing a surge of development with an increasing interest in the Future Development Areas. With over 6,000 acres of potential land holdings, the North Fernley Future Development Area is gaining attention from developers due to its potential to become a large master planned employment center with supporting commercial services and high-density housing. However, as outlined in both the Comprehensive Master Plan and the City’s Development Code, an Area Plan must be in place before the City can allow any significant development in this area.

The North Fernley Area Plan will include:

  • Transportation and Traffic (Roadways, Bike and Pedestrian Connectivity, Future Transit Opportunities, Park and Ride Lots)
  • Land Use and Zoning
  • Development Standards
  • Flooding and Regional Drainage Facilities
  • Community Infrastructure (Water, Sewer, Wastewater, Reclaimed Water)
  • Community Services (Police, Fire)
  • Parks and Open Space
  • Fiscal Impacts

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