City Attorney

Mission Statement

The mission of the Fernley City Attorney's Office is to deliver outstanding legal services to the City of Fernley by providing sound legal advice to City officials to help them achieve the City goals. We will accomplish this by defending Fernley's advanced policies in court, and protecting public health, safety, and welfare through effectively prosecuting violations of the City criminal and civil ordinances, when the community's quality of life or economic interests are jeopardized.


The City Attorney is appointed by the City Council. The City Attorney provides legal guidance and support to elected City Officials, City Departments and Boards and Commissions in the conduct of City business. The City Attorney represents the City in judicial and administrative proceedings, and prosecutes violations of the Nevada Revised Statues (NRS) and the Fernley Municipal Code. The City Attorney performs other such legal services required or authorized by the City Council or City Manager.

The duties of the City Attorney are described in state law, NRS: Chapter 266.465-475, and additional duties may be required by the City Council or prescribed by the ordinance.