Special Events


The City of Fernley is legally charged with the responsibility to protect the safety, health, property, and general welfare of its residents. To fulfill these responsibilities, we must determine if a special event should be conducted, and the terms and conditions under which an approved event may be conducted.

Special Events Definition

For the purpose of this policy, a special event is defined as an activity or series of activities, specific to an identifiable time and place, most often produced in conjunction with community organizations, held on public property, and generally occurring once a year. Per Fernley Municipal Code, a special event includes but is not limited to:

  • Any activity involving entertainment and/or amplified sound, food, beverage, merchandise sales or any activity promoted as a festival, trade show open to the public, craft show, public dance, special event, concert, or performance
  • Any activity that substantially increases or disrupts the normal flow of traffic on any street or highway
  • Any activity which involves the use of public facilities
  • Any activity which involves the use of any city services that would not be necessary in the absence of such an event

Special Activity Definition

Special activities are not considered special events. Special activities are held on private property, open to the general public and/or are primarily commercial in nature (for example but not limited to commercial sidewalk sales, concerts requiring a paid ticket, trade show, etc.) All public inquiries regarding special activities will be routed to Community Development, 775.784.9914.


It is recommended that you turn in the Special Events Application (PDF) a minimum of 60 days prior to the event, with a maximum of up to one year before the event. No date is guaranteed nor permission granted until a special event permit is issued by the city manager’s office. Established on-going events will have priority on conflicting dates.

Please keep in mind that depending on the type of event, some of the sections in this application may not be applicable; simply indicate that the section is non-applicable and continue to the next section.