Graffiti Affects Everyone!

Graffiti Definition 

Graffiti consists of inscriptions, slogans, and drawings scratched, scribbled, or painted on a wall, or other public or private surface. Graffiti is not art; it is vandalism. It is prohibited when done without permission of the property owner.

Furthermore, in 2006, the City of Fernley adopted an ordinance specifically addressing penalties for persons convicted of graffiti vandalism, as well as a section requiring that property owners keep all walls, buildings, fences, signs, and other structures and surfaces visible from the public right of way free of graffiti.

Graffiti Facts and Figures

  • About 80% of graffiti is gang or tagger graffiti.
  • Community paintbrush murals are rarely defaced by graffiti, and instill a sense of pride among those who live nearby.
  • Graffiti cleanup takes a big chunk out of municipal budgets.
  • Graffiti is the most common type of vandalism according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.
  • Immediate removal, within 24 to 48 hours, is the key to successful graffiti prevention.
  • Most studies show the a majority of taggers are males between 12-21 years old. Approximately 15% of graffiti vandals are young females.
  • There are four motivating factors for graffiti vandalism: fame, rebellion, self-expression, and power.

These facts and figures are from the Graffiti Hurts website. For more information, please check it out.