Snow and Ice Removal

Plowing Operations

The City of Fernley works to provide safe roadway access in winter months during adverse conditions (this does not include roads maintained by Nevada Department of Transportation or Lyon County).

Plowing operations typically begin when the snow depth reaches four inches on streets. Snow plows may hit main street intersections before four inches of snow accumulation to address icy conditions with a sand and salt mixture. Most of the plowing occurs on the main arterial roadways for emergency access.

How Are Streets Plowed?

City, State and County Crews will plow and/or sand one lane for traffic in each direction on Priority 1 streets and highways. Snow plow drivers will then plow the Priority 2 streets until all are cleared with one lane in each direction. Once Priority 2 streets are cleared, drivers will clear the remaining Priority 3 streets. Priority 4 streets are plowed only under extreme or emergency situations.

  • Priority 1 and 2 streets include major streets, collector streets, school routes, and emergency service sites (sheriff's stations, fire stations, and hospitals). Examples of Priority 1 streets include Main Street, Cottonwood, Shadow, Farm District, 95A, 50A, and Interstate 80.
  • Priority 3 streets include major residential streets.
  • The remaining local streets are identified as Priority 4 and are plowed only under extreme or emergency circumstances.

Snow Removal Map

What is the Plowing Procedure?

Drivers will plow from the inside lane to the curb. Each crew will continue plowing and/or sanding until the storm ends and at least all Priority 1 and Priority 2 streets are cleared and safe. In the event of a major storm, the City of Fernley Public Works Department can call on other departments and agencies for additional assistance.

Contractors can also be hired to assist the City in emergency situations. For statewide road conditions visit Nevada Department of Transportation.