Grants Administration

The City of Fernley identifies funding priorities and seek grants for programs, services, and projects that help advance department, community, and Council priorities and goals.

City Manager's Office Responsibilities

  • Assist city staff in locating funding sources.
  • Conduct special projects as assigned.
  • Coordinate cooperative grant applications with other agencies.
  • Coordinate the City's grant review process.
  • Monitor progress of most grant projects, or directly manage other projects.
  • Prepare formula grant applications.
  • Provide coordination for finding and managing grants.
  • Serve as a liaison and point of contact with funding agencies and congressional delegate

Current Open CDBG Grants

Fernley Downtown Revitalization, Phase 3: Main Street Beautification - $218,625

Phase 1, completed in May 2014, identified and evaluated potential streetscape, transportation, and urban design improvements to Main Street and US 95 Alternative to encourage revitalization of the Fernley Downtown Corridor, as well as developing an overall design framework and guidelines for the area. Goals and priorities included: enhance the character of Downtown through thematic streetscape and building facade improvements; coordinate wider sidewalks with appropriate landscape and lighting treatments to create an atttractive environment; provide safe and attractive pedestrian connectivity. 

Phase 2, completed in June 2017, created engineering and architectural design drawings and specifications, as well as an environmental narrative, for projects outlined in Phase 1. 

Phase 3, the scope of work will include contracting with a landscape architect/planner to coordinate the purchase and installation of streetscape elements including the following: 16 benches, 6 bicycle racks, 16 trash receptacles, 32 above ground planters (including irrigation), a city clock, and a public art piece. The cost for the entire project, including contracting with a landscape architect to administer, purchase, and install the street furniture pieces is estimated to be $218,625. The project area is located on Main Street, and is a four-block area, beginning in the west at N. West Street, ending in the east at Silver Lace Blvd. The total distance is 3,476.83 feet (1.06 km). The City will go out to bid for Requests for Proposals, upon the contract award, the next steps will include meeting with the landscape architect, reviewing the plan design/layout for streetscape furniture; then review the purchase of streetscape materials; and finally, the installation of streetscape furniture.

Depot Community Center, Phase 1 - $60,000

The Depot Community Center Phase 1 grant is for the planning, engineering/design, and environmental assessment required for a sewer connection to the Fernley Depot. The City has completed the environmental assessment and required engineering and design for the sewer connection. Currently, the City is in the process of resolving underlying land ownership issues (along Main Street) to receive an encroachment permit from NDOT. This project is 90% complete.

Depot Community Center, Phase 2 - $300,907

The Depot Community Center Phase 2 grant is comprised of two parts: construction and planning. The construction portion ($250,907) is to connect the sewer lateral to the Depot; the engineering design and required environmental assessment have all been completed and accepted by CDBG, however, the City is waiting to resolve underlying land ownership issues along Main Street to receive the encroachment permit from NDOT to begin construction. The second portion of this grant is for the site survey, engineering report, bidg documents and plans for a separate amenity building providing ADA-compliant restrooms ($50,000). Survey work for the amenity building has commenced.

Depot Community Center, Phase 3 (Community Center Design) - $80,000

The purpose of this grant is for the conceptual design of the future multi-purpose Fernley Community Center. The scope of the work will include a strong focus on community outreach and visioning for the facility. The community outreach portion will include charrettes, focus groups, and online surveys. In addition, a traffic study will be included in the design process. The City just completed a site plan for the 8.5-acre Depot property mapping out land for the future Lyon County Senior Center and the future Community Center. Now that the site plan has been completed, the City will issue a RFP for the community center design. The cost for the entire design (including community outreach and traffic study) is estimated to be $80,000. Staff spoke with Arcadesma Architecture Firm to inquire about the general rate structure for building design. For a facility of 80,000 square feet, the estimated full build out will cost $32 million in construction costs. The design process represents 6.3% of the $32 million (based on a Class B scheduled, fitness/community center), which equals $2,061,000. The initial design portion will be 2% of the $2,016,000 ($40,320), with an additional $40,000 for community programming, input/solicitation, traffic studies, and final renderings.

Land and Water Conservation Fund

Green Valley and In-Town Park Improvements

The City applied for a grant from the Land and Water Conservation Fund for improvements outlined in the Parks Master Plan. With limited funding available, the City did not receive the grant. Staff will continue to make efforts to complete projects outlined in the Parks Master Plan as well as continue to look for funding alternatives.