Arts and Culture Task Force

Welcome to Fernley signs by local artist Twisted Steel


The vision for the Fernley Arts and Culture Task Force is to bring together artists and art organizations to foster an environment in which art and culture enhance our community

Mission Statement

The mission of the Arts and Culture Task Force is to encourage creativity and enrich resident's lives through arts and culture.

Guiding Principles

Advocacy: The Arts and Culture Task Force promotes the essential value of the arts in the lives of all Fernley residents.

Appreciation: The Arts and Culture Task Force encourages the creative spirit and recognizes the arts as a valuable platform to promote economic vitality in the community.

Education: The Arts and Culture Task Force engages all ages in visual, performing, and literary art forms through diverse programming and community outreach.

Support: The Arts and Culture Task Force facilitates the creative endeavors of artists and small arts organizations.

Signal Box Art Painting Project Calling for Artists 

The City of Fernley Arts and Culture Taskforce is looking for artists for the Signal Box Art Painting Project. 

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: A public art project which creates new artwork for public display within the city of Fernley. The 'canvasses' are Nevada Department of Transportation and City of Fernley owned signal boxes in highly visible locations. The goal of the project is to transform utility structures into pieces of art that has meaning to the residents of Fernley; increase awareness and appreciation of art; encourage creativity and enrich residents' lives through art; foster an environment in which art and culture enhance our community. Artwork will be selected based on the quality of the design, design should be themed consistent with other public artwork in Fernley, and have at least a 3-year life expectancy.

PROPOSALS: Design proposals should consider aesthetically pleasing use of color and form as well as relate well to the surrounding environment in which they will be placed. Proposals should reflect thoughtful consideration of locations and site-specificity. Large areas of black and/or dark colors are discouraged due to the risk of overheating the signal boxes. Outside murals are subject to the harshest environmental conditions; therefore, murals are required to be painted with high-quality paint with proven ability to maintain color-fastness for at least three years.

Artists are expected to provide manufacturer specifications on chosen materials with proposal. Materials, colors used, and design will be at the approval of the City of Fernley. Upon application the artist must take into consideration: need for doors or hinges to open, keyholes not to be painted over, and not covering vents. All signal boxes are programmed for the public. The appropriateness and quality of proposals are determined by a review panel whole recommendations are provided to the City of Fernley for final approval.

BUDGET: Project budget is $600 per signal box.


May 1, 2021

Call for Artists Available

June 1, 2021

Submission Deadline

June 2-30, 2021

Submissions Review

July 2021

Artists Notified

July - August 2021

Artists paint signal boxes

SPECIFICATION: Selected artists will design and execute one-of-a-kind two-dimensional images that wrap around all sides and the top of the selected signal box. Paint specifications:

  • Base coat - exterior white paint - Kilz Premium Primer Interior/Exterior
  • Main coat - Chroma Acrylic Mural Paint, Golden Heavy Boxy Artist Acrylics, Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylics, Rust-Oleum Professional Rust Resistance Enamel Spray Paint
  • Top coat/sealant - Rust-oleum clear coat spray paint gloss, Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover Gloss Clear


  • Hwy 95A & Main Street
  • Chisholm Trail & Hwy 95A
  • Newland Drive & Hwy 95A
  • Stanley Drive & Newland Drive


  1. Current resume detailing professional artistic accomplishments and references from past public art projects, including awards.
  2. A minimum of three digital images of relevant artwork. Images must be labeled with artist's last name, numbered according to Image List and in JPG format.
  3. Image List - image number, title, media, size, date, location, description of work.
  4. Project approach - articulate design concept, anticipated maintenance requirements, estimated dates of execution and choice of material (including manufacturer specification). Limited to one page, type written, artist's name, phone number and mailing address.
  5. Visual representation of project proposal. This will be done on the Signal Box Art Painting Project Design Submission Template.
  6. Project budget - design, artist fee, and materials.
  7. If you have a preferred signal box you would like to paint, please list your preferences.
  8. Click here to Apply.

If you have any questions, please call 775-784-9858 or email

Thank you!


"Welcome to Fernley" signs by Twisted Steel

The City is proud to reveal our two new "Welcome to Fernley" signs. The City worked with local Fernley artist, Twisted Steel, who design these custom signs to tie in with the theme created with the metal banners along Main Street. Each sign is 9 feet in length by 5 feet in height, made of rusted Corten steel, and features rivets along the border with raised stainless steel lettering. The signs are featured on both the west and east sides of town, additional enhancements such as lighting and aesthetics to the columns will be added to the signs in the upcoming weeks.


Skatepark Mural at the In Town Park by Bryce Chisholm, ABCArtAttack

Skatepark Mural by Bryce Chisholm

The Greeter by Chad Rice, on the corner of Alt 95 and Fremont Street by Walgreens.
The Greeter 1a