Budget Development

FY 2020-2021 Budget

FY 2020-2021 City Budget

Budget Development & Administration

  • Provides direction and oversight of budget development.
  • Submits the budget to City Council for consideration.
  • Administers the City budget.
  • Prepares annual budget documents.
  • Prepares and present presentations to Council.
  • Provides input and recommendations to the budget process.
  • Monitors budget activities.

Budget Administration/Performance

  • Identifying and determining methods for measuring service area.
  • Determine methods for collecting data.
  • Search for areas of improvements and identify through best practices methods for improvement.
  • Incorporate data into budget documents and information distributed to the public.
  • Provide staff with accurate and easy to understand data to share with the council and the community about the quality and efficient serves provided.
  • Learn from other communities and examine best practices.