Applications & Handouts

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The information provided below is to assist applicants by making them aware of general requirements and regulations and is by no means inclusive of all regulations that may affect their project.

Revision to Plans on Approved Permits

Any revisions or additions to the plans, once the Building permit has been issued, need to be made on the original drawing and new blueprints or photocopies submitted along with a $98 revision plan check fee. An hourly rate will be used for the total fee of all revisions.

Over the Counter No Plan Review Small Commercial or Residential Permits

The Building Department offers over-the-counter permits, which can be issued same day during regular business hours. Over-the-counter permits include permit types: water heater, solar water heaters, minor electrical and plumbing, furnace change-out, AC additions, gas, pellet and wood burning stoves, re-roofs and tear offs, electrical service upgrades/reconnects, agricultural or temporary electrical service, mobile home conversion inspection and business license inspection.

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