Frequently Asked Questions

What is a citation?

A citation is a formal notice issued by a law enforcement agency listing the alleged offenses. The citation will have the information as to which court you will need to report to as well as the bail amount.

What is a Criminal Complaint?

A Criminal Complaint is a formal charging document filed for criminal cases. The complaint will list the defendant’s name, the prosecuting attorney, the charges and statute alleged and a description of those charges.

What is the difference between an Arrest Warrant and a Bench Warrant?

 An arrest warrant is a warrant issued by the Judge at the request of the City Attorney. The arrest warrant is accompanied by a formal charging document aka Criminal Complaint filed by the City Attorney. An arrest warrant requires booking at the Lyon County Jail. A bench warrant is issued by the Judge due to defendant’s failure to appear for a hearing, failure to comply with sentencing requirements or a failure to pay court ordered fines.

My driver’s license is suspended for a Failure to Appear. What do I do?

A driver’s license suspension or revocation is a separate action from your court case. Your driving privileges are not automatically reinstated after a warrant is resolved and you must follow the reinstatement procedures from DMV as well as physically receive a license to regain your driving privileges. A clearance letter will need to be obtained from the court after the warrant is resolved and must be submitted to the DMV for reinstatement purposes. The court will also fax your clearance after your court appearance.

What is an Arraignment hearing?

An arraignment hearing is where you are read your charges, advised of your rights, and you are asked to enter a plea.

How do I contact collections?

If your case has been referred to collections, they may be contacted by mail, phone or online.

Valley Collections   (623)931-4325

Can I make an appointment to talk with the Judge?

No, an appointment to talk with the Judge is not allowed. All ex-parte communications is prohibited by law. Each party or their respective attorney must have the opportunity to be involved in any communications. This also means we can not pass on email or letters addressed to the Judge on matters pertaining to an active case. But you can always appear on any Monday and request to be set for court and speak with the Judge on record.

Where can I complete community service?

You may complete community service at any non-profit organization. Some examples are Food Banks, Senior Center, Animal Shelters, Churches. Please notify the court of your intentions to complete community service in-lieu of making fine payments. The court will provide a Community Service Tracking Sheet. All work completed must be signed off by the agency your work was completed for. Credit is given at $10.00 per hour worked.

In some cases, you may be allowed to complete community service at the City of Fernley. You are required to complete an application, pay a $25.00 fee, and have a criminal records check completed. Hours will be assigned and completed as needed by the City of Fernley.

I posted cash bail. What happens to the bail?

If you posted cash bail on behalf of a defendant, cash bail is held on a case until the case is adjudicated or otherwise ordered by the Judge. The disposition of the cash bail posted is up to the court and a refund of the cash bail is not a guarantee. If the defendant fails to appear, the cash bail will be applied to their outstanding balance and the surplus refunded. If the defendant fails to appear and there is no outstanding balance the cash bail will for forfeited and a new warrant shall be issued for the defendant.