Cottonwood Lane Reconstruction Project

City of Fernley Project Manager (PM)

Jessica Dover, P.E.


Design Firm: Lumos & Associates

Construction Contractor : TBD

Project Description: 

Cottonwood Lane is a critical East-West Minor Collector for the City and provides residential and commercial access between US 50A/95A and SR 828 (Farm District Road). A portion of the street between Cook WY and Bardot WY is currently in a state of disrepair with a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) of less than 24. A portion of the street between Hardie LN and US 50A/95A has a PCI of less than 50. These PCI rankings indicate preventative maintenance is no longer appropriate for these sections of the roadway and that reconstruction is required. The remaining sections of the street are in good condition and will be treated with a preventative maintenance technique such as slurry or chip seal.

The road also has areas of missing curb gutter and sidewalk and drainage issues that will need to be addressed to prevent future deterioration of the roadway.

A portion of the 18-inch water main is missing between Rosewood DR and Cook WY. This missing section will need to be connected to the existing line and has been identified in the City’s 2008 Water Master Plan as a project that will improve the operation of the distribution system. Another section of water main that extends from US 50A/95A to Hardie LN will be upsized to 18” as part of this Project; a jack and bore will be performed across US 50A/95A to connect the new 18” line to the (E) 6” line at the west side of US 50A/95A.

Various sanitary sewer manholes within the Project area are nearing the end of their useful service life and will be removed/replaced or rehabilitated as part of this Project.

The City is currently in the process of pursuing permitting requirements and Utility Relocations for the Project.

The right-of-Way Acquisition process is substantially complete.

The construction of improvements project is currently Advertising for Bids; Construction of Improvements tentatively scheduled to start Fall 2022

Project View
City of Fernley_Cottonwood Lane_Draft5 (a)
May 2021 UPDATE

We are still working on Right of Way services and we continue to coordinate with agencies for permitting. We are hopeful that by the end of June 2021 we will have 100% plans to review!