Is there going to be chlorine stored on-site?
No. Disinfection shall be provided through sodium hypochlorite, not chlorine.

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1. Why do we need the water treatment plant?
2. Will there be any arsenic dust that will migrate to adjacent property owners?
3. Will there be any groundwater contamination from the solids drying basins?
4. Will there be a production well at the water treatment plant?
5. Will the water treatment plant be used for vehicle and / or equipment storage?
6. The surrounding zoning is rural residential two acre, can a water treatment plant be included within this zoning?
7. What is the truck traffic impact to the neighborhood?
8. Are the chemicals used in the water treatment plant process highly hazardous?
9. Is there going to be chlorine stored on-site?
10. Will site lighting from the water treatment plant be a problem to the surrounding neighborhood?
11. Does the water treatment plant conform to the City of Fernley development code Section 44.020 for minimum road widths for non-residential use?
12. Where can we get more information about the water treatment plant?