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Fernley Private Well Questionnaire

  1. Private Well Questionnaire

    The City of Fernley has been made aware that many local wells throughout the community may have been impacted by the recent canal project since the canal has been empty for an extended period. Many private well owners have expressed concern for the future of private well ownership as well as associated maintenance costs. To advocate for Fernley residents that are experiencing issues, the Mayor and City Manager’s office have reached out to Congressman Mark Amodei and passed along some of these concerns.

    Congressman Amodei has asked the city to collect specific information regarding the issues that well owners are experiencing to help find any available resources that may assist individual well owners in the future. The City of Fernley will present this information to Congressman Amodei at a scheduled federal update meeting, time, and location to be announced soon.

    If you have already provided your information, please disregard this letter, as your responses have already been compiled. If you have not yet provided information, please find the questionnaire below and submit. The questionnaire can also be filled out and mailed to the City of Fernley, located at 595 Silver Lace Blvd. Fernley NV, 89408 Attn: Public Works Department. Questionnaires are available at the Public Works counter at City Hall.

    Thank you!

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